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Monday, December 31, 2012

More DIY with Pam!! The Photo Studio!

Pamnaz posted about her photo studio set up!

I've been wanting a photo background stand, but didn't feel like spending the money to get a "professional" one. So I decided to make one myself out of PVC pipes and connectors from Home Depot. It came out perfectly, just what I wanted. I can take it apart and put rolls of paper on it and clamp a light on it. Best of all it cost me less than $20 and it takes up limited space when stored.

I had some photo practice using it today with "Smash Up" Gene as my model. DIY background stand

DIY with Pam!! Make a Stone Fireplace!

Pamnaz shared this great project with us!

Here's how I did it:

1. Scored Foam Core board as the base.

2. Cut out the foam core space for the "fire logs" photo.

3. Using styrofoam, I cut the shape of the fireplace and glued it to the foam core board.

4. Next I put a coat of white glue on it and put a layer of paperclay on it (you have to make sure to use the white glue so the paperclay sticks to the styrofoam.) You can use any air drying clay. Let that dry (about 24 hrs.)

5. Then I took some more paper clay (air drying clay) pieces and squished them with my palm to make the stones. I glued the "stones" onto the fireplace randomly to look like stonework. Let them dry (about 24 hrs.).

6. Next I put a layer of gray paint on the fireplace... let it dry about an hour then took different shades of gray acrylic paint and silver, white and just dabbed it, brushed it, etc. to took like stone work.

7. For the mantel I took a balsam wood piece and a carved piece (from the craft store), glued them together and painted them with a wood stain. When dry, I glued them to the fireplace and foam core.

8. I printed out a photo of burning fireplace logs, taped it to the back of the foam core board so it showed through the opening I previously cut.

That's all there is to it! I was very pleased with the result.

Fireplace in clay-drying stage:

The end result: