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Sunday, June 18, 2017

JS Wig Cap Spread Sheet

Thanks to Barb for initiating this and everyone who contributed additions! Thanks to Kay for updating for 2018!!

You can print the spreadsheet at DropBox for you own use by clicking the printer icon at the bottom.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Posting photos from Facebook

Below are instructions on posting from Facebook from your PC to message boards and basically can be used with any other site you have your photos posted to.

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Unauthorized Biography of Gene Marshall by Leneda Maki

    Leneda Maki has been working on this project for years and wanted to share it with everyone.

    Follow the link below to view her work and you can download it to your computer to read at your leisure!

    Great job Leneda and thanks for sharing!!

    The Unauthorized Biography of Gene Marshall by Leneda Maki

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Benj's Set Tutorial

Some SC folks have inquired about my set and how I made it. I've decided to try and post a "tutorial" of sorts. It's really not that complicated and I'd love to see how other people take this concept and make their own sets. 

To Start, you will need the following items from you local home improvement store: 

Inexpensive 12 x 24 white shelves; small scale moldings; a miter box to cut moldings at congruent angles; Liquid Nails;hinges;Primer; sponge brushes & Paint. 
I used two shelves to form the "corners" of my set. Using two hinges on each side, I connected them so when unfolded, they stand on their own. Then I cut moldings in the miter box and applied with "Liguid Nails". 
Once the glue was dry, I primed all pieces and then sanded with extra fine steel wool in between coats. Then I applied the paint using sponge brushes for a smoother surface. 

The only problem with using hinges is that it creates gaps in each corner. To hide this, I merely cut two corner moldings the same height as the walls and apply them with double stick tape when I set it up. 

The panel behind the fireplace & the one with the window are actually the bases of a shuttered bi-fold door that the previous homeowners cut off and left in the basement. They were the perfect size so I used them. However, if I didn't have them, I would have just used more shelf panels. 

Finally, to hold the inserts to the hinged pieces, I merely used some simple eye hook locks, Applied some tape to block out light (use black foam core to block light on the inserted panels)and voila....That's all there is to it. 

With Derek's permission, I'm including this link to his A-MAZING sets! 
They were done in foam core and I think they serve as a wonderful inspiration for your new sets. I DO hope people will give this a try. I'd LOVE to see your own individual results. Feel free to email me with any questions that you might have. Have a GREAT day! 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Styling a Wig Cap with Patty!

Posted by Patty in Hawaii:

Very easy to do, but best done with wig cap on doll. So, you must figure out how to hold the wig cap on while fussing with the hair. Whooda thunk it would ever be nice to have a third hand.

Alternatively, instead of gathering the rest of the hair into a ponytail one could use a snood in the back.

Click on photo to enlarge

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Integrity Toys Gene Data Base and more.....

I have moved the Gene Data Base from The Studio Commissary chat board. This clears space at the top of the board and I think it is more suited for the blog here.

Click on the tab at the top of the page to view it. There is a lot of info there!

Another great resource for all things Gene is the Gene Marshall Wiki page:
This is a work in progress and has all the Ashton Drake Gene product listed as well as some Integrity product.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Posting Photos on Message Boards

I have an photo on my hard drive that I would like to post. How can I post it to the message board? 

There are two ways to do this.... 

First Option
To start, you'll need to find a place on the internet to store the image. There are online places that make it easy to upload images, such as Flickr, Picturetrail, The Doll Page & Photobucket to name a few. Once you have photos uploaded, you are ready to post them.

To post the image to your message, you'll need to enter the full URL or "Address" of the image in the "Image URL" box below the message box. An example of a full URL is You obtain this URL at the hosting site of your photo.

Right click on the desired photo which will open a box. Click on "Properties" at the bottom which will open another box. Look for the "Address" or URL of the photo. It begins with http....ending with jpg. Highlight and copy this address, then paste into the "Image URL" box.

After entering the URL, simply click "Add" and then you can repeat, if desired to add more than one photo.

Second Option
You can also post photos through TinyPic when you post your message. This is a bit easier and doesn't require you to sign up at a hosting site.

Along the bottom of the message box look for the words "upload image". Click on this to open a window for uploading pictures. Click the "Browse" button and find the photo on your hard drive. Double click the photo and it is added to the box.  

File type is "image" so make sure that is checked. No tag is necessary. Open the drop down box next to "resize" and choose "message board" then click "UPLOAD NOW!" You will see the photo appear so click the "Add to your post" button below the photo and the picture will be added when you post your message.


Monday, December 31, 2012

More DIY with Pam!! The Photo Studio!

Pamnaz posted about her photo studio set up!

I've been wanting a photo background stand, but didn't feel like spending the money to get a "professional" one. So I decided to make one myself out of PVC pipes and connectors from Home Depot. It came out perfectly, just what I wanted. I can take it apart and put rolls of paper on it and clamp a light on it. Best of all it cost me less than $20 and it takes up limited space when stored.

I had some photo practice using it today with "Smash Up" Gene as my model. DIY background stand

DIY with Pam!! Make a Stone Fireplace!

Pamnaz shared this great project with us!

Here's how I did it:

1. Scored Foam Core board as the base.

2. Cut out the foam core space for the "fire logs" photo.

3. Using styrofoam, I cut the shape of the fireplace and glued it to the foam core board.

4. Next I put a coat of white glue on it and put a layer of paperclay on it (you have to make sure to use the white glue so the paperclay sticks to the styrofoam.) You can use any air drying clay. Let that dry (about 24 hrs.)

5. Then I took some more paper clay (air drying clay) pieces and squished them with my palm to make the stones. I glued the "stones" onto the fireplace randomly to look like stonework. Let them dry (about 24 hrs.).

6. Next I put a layer of gray paint on the fireplace... let it dry about an hour then took different shades of gray acrylic paint and silver, white and just dabbed it, brushed it, etc. to took like stone work.

7. For the mantel I took a balsam wood piece and a carved piece (from the craft store), glued them together and painted them with a wood stain. When dry, I glued them to the fireplace and foam core.

8. I printed out a photo of burning fireplace logs, taped it to the back of the foam core board so it showed through the opening I previously cut.

That's all there is to it! I was very pleased with the result.

Fireplace in clay-drying stage:

The end result:

Friday, September 28, 2012

Doll Storage with Meg and Rosanna!

Posted on The Studio Commissary September 22, 2012

This is a closet in my TV room that I store all my dolls and outfits & accessories. This was taken in July 2011. It's even more stuffed now! Hee! I use document bags instead of zip locks because they are available in various sizes and don't have printed words on them. I use 9"X12"for most outfits and 12"X15" for larger and long outfits. I have the outfits in sections (costumes, pant outfits, suits, etc.) I don't store shoes, gloves or jewelry with the outfit. I store those in the little drawers. The dolls are tied into clear shoe hangers. I also make my own torso hangers. I do all my doll dressing in that room. It makes it easy and convenient to just open the closet and play.

My closet is much smaller (and a lot older) than hers, but she made it work. My DH did the dowels for me.






Stop drooling.